Readers Comments Corner:

*"OMG! I'm only a few pages into this book and I'm laughing my butt off! I love this book.", B.J., Louisville, KY

*"I read your book today from start to finish, & was afraid to blink, thinking I would miss something. I fell in love with each character & they became real to me." C.M., Scottsdale, AZ

*"I started your book & read it in one sitting. I could not put it down." J.J., Mesa, AZ

*"It was like I was sitting down having a conversation with my best friend! You made me laugh, you made me cry, and you made me laugh again." T.N., Portland, OR

*"I just sat down to read your book and I could not put it down! I Love it! You are so amazing!" J.E., Mustang, OK

*"Sherry, I thoroughly enjoyed your book.  It was an easy read, yet had depth, and  you kept my interest. You have a talent." K.P., Mustang, OK

*"Sherry, my message this morning at church was "Knowing Our Relationship with God". I used some of your experiences from your book as examples.  I hope that is okay. Your book, "Faith, Family, Friends and Fried Chicken" is a great example of His Faithfulness and Grace even in our darkest hour." ~ Rev. Paul Mathews, Pastor, Covenant Life Worship Center, Enid, OK

*"What an awesome book! I totally enjoyed it and can't wait for the next ones! Lots of laughs and tears. You are so strong!", D.B. Tempe, AZ

*"I love the excerpt of your book here on the website. I laughed when I read it in the book and I laughed harder today when I read it again." J.R., Phoenix, AZ

*"Sherry-Marie, you are such an inspiration!! You have challenged me more than you will ever know. These past 5 years I have wondered where God was and if I could ever find hope & trust in Him again. I know I've missed so many opportunities to dance. I'm going to try to remember to find joy in this journey along with the pain...Bless You! S.A., Moore, OK

*"I just read "Faith, Family, Friends and Fried Chicken". Although she tells of the disappointment, loss, heartbreak & tragedy she has endured throughout her life, the focus of the book is exactly what the title implies. Sherry's is not a story dwelling on sadness, but one of a woman who always finds strength through her trust in God, never takes her blessings for granted, loves every minute of every day & never loses her sense of humor "some days you are the bug and some days you are the windshield". I found it very inspirational & surely will be gaining a few pounds trying out her family recipes! Love  you sooo much Sherry! L.D., Ennis, TX

*"Please send me FFFF2 & FFFF3. We read your books out loud together for marriage devotions after Bible readings...(Your book, "Faith, Family, Friends and Fried Chicken" has been a HUGE blessing to us in our marriage also! And to have "Faith Surround Us" too!)  K.W., Glasford IL



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This is very near and dear to my heart. If you have read this book, you will understand. 

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"Faith, Family, Friends, and Fried Chicken"  is Sherry-Marie's big debut. Sherry was advised for years to write her story. Now, in a style of storytelling that Sherry laughingly describes as "Erma Bombeck meets Joel Osteen, and they have dinner together", comes her memoir, which circles around four instrumental influences in her existence: Faith, Family, Friends, and Fried Chicken.

Sherry shares her story intertwined with her family's and friends' recipes. From biscuits with "chocolate gravy" to favorite recipes from her revered Tea Room, readers can indulge not only in dozens of treasured family recipes from Sherry's Southern roots, but also in a heartwarming and sincere expression of American family life.

 Below is an excerpt of "Faith, Family, Friends, and Fried Chicken"


I loved my little brother. I remember during my first year of grade school, we had a "show and tell" day. I had convinced my mom that what I wanted to bring to class for my show and tell was my little brother, Timothy Ray, who I affectionately called Bucky. And I convinced her that my teacher had given me permission to do so.  I remember walking through those school doors, all swelled up with pride, bringing the best thing I little brother. I just knew my presentation would be the best and everyone else would be wishing they were as cool and fun as me! When I came into class proudly holding Bucky's little hand, my teacher sweetly told me I was not allowed to bring siblings to school.  I was shattered, and quite sure I threw a tantrum. Undaunted, my teacher escorted Bucky and I to the principal's office where my mom was called and told I was misinformed. I  was not allowed to bring smaller siblings to school. She was asked to come pick up Bucky. I remember being very teary the remainder of the day, and thinking to myself "I should have just brought a doll!"

Featured Book:"Faith, Family, Friends and Fried Chicken"