"Amazing & extraordinary LIFE happens when we make the effort to go beyond our limits and comfort zone."

                ~ a Sherryism ~

~ About The Author ~

Sherry-Marie Perguson

​​​​ Sherry-Marie Perguson, like most children growing up in the 1950's, had a happy and innocent childhood.  

Born and raised in the sweet south of Kentucky, she learned at an early age how to "drawl", which has never left her throughout her life

(of which her husband still teases her).

At the ages of 2 and 3, she played withher imaginary friends. During grade school, she was chosen to portray the starring role as "Snow White" performed by her class during the annual fund-raiser of her school.  While attending Junior High,

Sherry-Marie won a state-wide essay contest sponsored by a local TV station in Louisville, Kentucky.

She became a cheer-leader and sung in the Concert Choir in her Junior and High School years. 

Sherry-Marie began writing songs when she was just 15. She has written over 70 throughout the years.  She recorded 3 albums, two of these were solo albums of the songs she had written. The third included singing with her siblings. 

Then in her early twenties, Sherry-Marie experienced a deep tragedy. This tragedy took Sherry-Marie to an extremely dark and lonely place, but she bravely fought through it, taking her many years, making many mistakes, becoming a single mom, surviving an abusive marriage. There were times she thought she had no Faith, yet it was that very thing that brought her through to living a victorious life. 

Sherry-Marie is no longer a victim, she is a victor!  Her darkness turned into light,

her tears turned into joy and laughter, her broken heart turned into a heart filled with love.

Sherry-Marie gives  God all the glory for the transformations in her life.

Sherry-Marie has bravely told her story in her book "Faith, Family, Friends, and Fried Chicken",

making herself vulnerable.  When asked "why?" Sherry responded,

"If my life journey can help even just one reader, then my journey has been worth it". 

Get to know Sherry-Marie better...read her inspiring, 

and at times hilarious story. 

She has a unique way of storytelling and she hopes you will enjoy the journey!