​*The recipes Sherry-Marie has included are wonderful, as well as the script itself. Chocolate is one food of the gods that no one ever tires of...Joe Cerreta, Cerreta Candy Co., Glendale, AZ

​*Sherry talks about a salad incident in this book, Jerry Cerreta, Cerreta Candy Co. has this to say about Sherry's story, "Chocolate is made from cocoa, which comes from a tree, that makes it a plant. Therefore, chocolate is a salad."

​*“I think this book And Then God Made Chocolate!
is Sherry-Marie’s best work, but then I said that about the last book, Southern & Sassy…with a Side of Faith.  So buy them both and then you can decide for yourself.” - J.R., Phoenix, AZ

* "Yes God made chocolate!! To help soothe the pallet of mankind, he created SHERRY MARIE PERGUSON with a gift of writing and love for chocolate. She has come through with flying colors, giving us information most of us would never have known. And Oh, the recipes!! The book definitely needs to be kept handy to make things CHOCOLATE.  Sherry Marie Perguson your book is at the top of the charts." - J.D., Bonney Lake, WA

​*“This is one of Sherry’s best books, and is filled with lots of inspiration and motivation. She makes you stop and think about life and your role in this world, and how you handle that role. You choose to live a victorious life or not, but she will show you how to get through anything with a smile and some ‘Chocolate’.” - C.J., Palm Springs, CA

​* “And Then God Made Chocolate! is very good. It has some deep theological stuff in it, nice, different. There are a lot of encouraging words. I think people need that and will soak it up. Keep up the good work! A lot of people will read these books forever.”  - L.D., Apache Jct., AZ

*Sherry's book is outstanding. Ladies you need to get one or two before they are all gone.  It's the Greatest! - C.A., Muskogee, OK

All the recipes in this book will include chocolate of some sort—even if it’s just a teaspoon! 

Because sometimes a teaspoon is all it takes.

There are 60+ recipes in this new book, here are a few you will enjoy in


Chocolate Angel Pie,  Chocolate Peppermint Pie, Chocolate Tea Bread, Raspberry Chocolate Bars, Cappuccino Cake, Norwegian Krum Kaka, Brownies with Berries 'N Cream, Southern Pride Cookies, Donna's Grandma's Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cobbler, Jen's Fired Up Chili, Tari's Hot Chocolate Per Cup


An excerpt from: 


I have loved chocolate since I was a little girl, licking the spoon mama would hand to me after she stirred the cake batter. So, darlings, it has been many, many years of chocolate loving.  By now, I would consider myself quite experienced in the ways of chocolate!

You know, when most women are expecting a baby, they crave certain foods.  I remember when I was pregnant with my first baby girl, I craved chocolate and onions—in no particular way— just wanted chocolate and onions.  I probably could have dipped the onion in chocolate and deep-fried it! Hmmm . . . if only I had thought of that over 40 years ago, I would have probably been considered a genius today, riding around in a food truck on the state fair circuit!  You know, since we do ‘tend to “coat and deep fry” everything these days


Some of the people you will meet in

"And Then God Made Chocolate!"

​​Here is another excerpt from "AND THEN GOD MADE CHOCOLATE!"

I once heard, “Chocolate is to women, what duct tape is to men.  IT FIXES EVERYTHING."

That being said, a woman needs to know where her chocolate is at all times.  Whether you are baking or cleaning the house, or resting feet propped up, reading a great book and enjoying a cup of tea . . . you need to know where you have stashed your chocolate.  And, let’s get real—we all have a stash right?

I mean, you do, don’t you? It’s not just to pass out to little munchkins one night of the year.  A woman needs chocolate, at any given moment in time.
So, please, take a piece of advice from this experienced Southern woman, and hide you a stash of chocolate.

I have hidden my chocolate in places no one on this earth would think of looking.  Believe you me—it’s not always found in the kitchen! 
But living in the Arizona heat, you do have to be careful when choosing a location for your stash.  I remember once when I needed my chocolate “duct tape” to repair myself, and proceeded to jog (if you can jog in the house) straight to my chocolate hideaway. 

Unfortunately, my chocolate had melted and was all yucky. I had to actually lick it off the paper it was wrapped in . . . what? Of course, I licked it off! Goodness gracious people, I’m not going to waste my stash!
No matter what condition I find it in.  Actually, the mere fact that I had to lick it off the wrapper just made it that much more enjoyable to me!

Melted chocolate licked off a wrapper and your fingers, smeared on your lips and cheeks is absolutely the best way to eat it!  Just dive in, for Heaven’s sake! Don’t be afraid of the chocolate—don’t be afraid of the mess! You wash off don’t you? You do have washcloths and running water don’t you?

Don’t you remember when our babies were celebrating their birthdays, especially their big Number One, and we placed the entire cake on their little high chair tray and told them to “go ahead eat your cake”?  And we didn’t give them a fork or spoon to eat it with, right? We wanted them to just dive in, make a mess, get it all over their faces.  The bigger the mess, the better. 

I can remember actually pushing one of my girl’s faces into the chocolate birthday cake on her first birthday, because she didn’t do it fast enough or make a big enough mess for me!

Why did I do this? Well, some people would say because I’m just a little weird. But I did it so I could take a picture to use against them and mortify them when they became teenagers!

That’s just how good a mom I was; I was there for them!

I knew what it took to enjoy that chocolate birthday cake! 

I made sure they knew how to enjoy their chocolate!