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                       ~ Chapter Four: Comfy vs Yowza! ~

We cannot go through life with just our comfy red shoes on. We miss so much. Life becomes dull and we lose interest.

We must walk just as much in our red yowza shoes, dancing our cha-cha and going beyond the borders we purposely (or not) placed upon ourselves, as much as we walk in our red comfy shoes. You cannot do the cha-cha very well in a comfy pair of shoes. Right?  You must dress the part, wear the appropriate shoes, and take the apprpriate steps to learn your dance. There is a season for comfy and there is a season for yowza. Each season is important.

For instance, how logical or practical would it be for you to go to your veggie garden, through the cow pasture, past the horse stalls, in a pair of red stilettos? Of coure, this is an exaggeration you say.  But is it? Really?

We would no more go to our veggie gardens in our expensive, favorite red stilletos than we would go out to it unclothed and naked. Now, I'm getting this visual of all of us naked and in red stilettos getting the tomatoes for our evening salad.

                Whew! Shake it off Sherry-Marie, shake it off!

~ Readers Comments Corner ~ 

 ~Readers Comments Corner~

 *As usual, Sherry-Marie's energy, sense of humor, and love shine through in her books and jump right off the page into your heart. I can't get over the analogy

 of different types of shoe and high heels for different stages of your life and the paths you take! Super cute and unique. If  you  haven't ready her prior books, like  the Faith, Family, Friends and Fried Chicken series or Southern & Sassy, you're missing out! Especially if you  are looking for a feel-good, inspirational read this    day  in age, or some great recipes (I'm still trying them all out!)  ~ An Amazon Customer

 *I have just read Sherry's newest book "God, You and Red Ruby Shoes!" And I liked it. Even though it's different from the others it is a great book. I think Sherry-  Marie has been touched by God and she continues to give God the glory and praises Him in her words and writing. I love red shoes no matter what they are. I lead  a ladies church group and I am going to try some of the tidbits Sherry has shared in the book with the ladies in this group. Once you read it you will put it where  you can go back and get ideas for any kind of party you are having or when you need a special gift for someone. It is a have to have book. That's the way I feel  about it. It's a Great go to book. I Love it. - C.A., in Oklahoma

  * I am thoroughly enjoying your book! It's been a blessing to me! ~ K.H, Moore, OK


  Good book. You are a motivator. Very well done. Very encouraging. Women need those extra words of encouragement. You are an original. You are a natural  born story teller. ~ L.D., Apache Jct, AZ


  Here are just a few of the "tidbits" you will find in the pages

                                          of this book:

 The Happiness Jar; 52-Week Money Challenge; The Money      Umbrella; Sink of Rocks; Suitcase of Soldiers; Presents of Joy;  Coffee Bean Kitchen Candle; DIY Body Shimmer Spray; Dish  Therapy; Blessing Bags; Picture Branches; His & Her Gratitude  Jars; Easy Label Removeling;

      (lots more included in "God, You and Red Ruby Shoes!")

Excerpts from

"God, You and Red Ruby Shoes!"....

~Chapter One: The Journey Calls For Shoes ~

We must have shoes for our life journey. Our journey will carry us away to places we never dreamed - places entirely unknown to us at the beginning of our journey.  Places of quietness, peacefulness, safety.  Places of loss and discouragement and yes...sometimes places questioning our Faith. Places of possible danger and rough terrain. Our life journey will be like no other life journey. We are all made unique, with a divine purpose and destiny.  All designed by God.  All different. .......

Shoes are made for our protection. Their purpose is to cover maybe the most vulnerable part of our bodies, our feet. Our feet take the first and last steps of our journey. They hit the ground running at times. They stumble on rocks. They get wet in puddles (unless of course, you are like me, and at the first raindrop grab your rainboots and begin to jump in puddles). They climb the highest mountains. They walk the lowest valley. They dance.  They dance with a vengeance!  Yes - they definitely need protection.  

                                     Yes. The journey calls for shoes.