Maybe I can entice you to read this book by giving you a sneak peek

of a  few of the 80+ recipes intertwined within the hilarious storyline:

Southern Cornbread Salad; Sherry-Marie's Enchilada Soup; 7-UP Biscuits; Southern Peaches and Cream Pie;

Hunter's Chocolate Croissants; Bacon and Apple Bread; Mama's Breakfast Pie; Blackberry Buckle

Zucchini Peanut Butter Bread; Green Tomato Pie; Mama's Oyster Stew; Broccoli Souffle;

Grandma Blanford's Filled Cookies; Yoshika Oda's Fried Rice; Pumpkin Dinner: First Day of Fall; Rib

Slow Baked; Fried Okra-Oklahoma Style; Golden Glow Meatballs; Chocolate Lasagna; Junk Food Detox Challenge!

"Southern & Sassy...with a Side of Faith"

is here and she is fabulous!!

Below is an excerpt found in Chapter 2

"Grandmother Always Said":

Grandmother always said, "I'm gonna slap you naked and hide your clothes!" What?! What the heck does that mean? I would never want to make Grandmother mad enough to do that to me! No way, Jose! I might take a spanking, but I certainly don't want to be slapped naked and my clothes hidden! Goodness Gracious!

Grandmother always said, "Sherry, don't mess with the sugar bowl, I keep a gun in there". And she did! And I didn't ever mess with it! She was a very strong Southern woman and handled what life threw at her the best way she knew how. 

Even if it took a threat from the sugar bowl!

Readers Comments Corner:

*"Dear Sherry-Marie, "Southern & Sassy...with a Side of Faith" ~

You have some of the funniest sayings and recipes that bring back wonderful memories. We wish you much success with your book!"

All the Best,

Nellah M., Southern Living Magazine

*"Sherry's books will make you laugh so hard you will have tears, but they can also have you IN tears. She has a gift with words and the way she writes. I love all her books!

Donna Bach, Tempe, AZ

*"Please order Sherry-Marie Perguson's newest book, "Southern & Sassy...with a Side of  Faith". I met Sherry when she & her hubby, Jimmie, moved to Yukon, OK several years ago. We were buddies and I'm honored that she talks about that in her new book.  She IS Southern & Sassy and a Classy Friend who taught me that having some wrinkles and blemishes  on my tablecloth meant it had served some amazing meals and people!

Gina Hargis Goodgion, Mustang, OK