Readers Comments Corner~

 * Just finished this book and it was OUTSTANDING!! For those that don't know this is the latest of 7 books Sherry has written. The set would make a great Christmas Gift.  Recommend everyone buy!! ~  J.Jones, Mesa, AZ


* I think your new book is by far the best one ever. I think it is absolutely one of the most wonderful books I have ever read. I think it is beautifully written and I can't say enough wonderful things about it. I think it's fabulous and you did an amazing job. ~ T. N, Portland, OR 


* Loving your new book! I loved all the stories in it.  Everyone needs to purchase all your books and see how you have grown in your writing. "Sparkle" is a trip back in time but modern enough to make it interesting...a very encouraging book.  ~ L.D., Apache Jct., AZ

 * Your new book is a HOORAY and HALLELUAH! Full of fun, tears, laughter and food...a real WINNER! ~ J. D., Bonney Lake, WA

 * I finished your book and I loved it. It is a blessing because you put your heart in it. ~ L.T., Wichita, KS


* I read your latest book last can't put it down. ~ A.G., Mineola, TX


* Love this book!! It's the best one yet! Everyone get this book! It is a GREAT book Sherry-Marie! ~ C. A., Muskogee, OK


*You have a very special ministry and I love sharing the love that is in your books. ~ C.T., Sebastian, FL



 How about I tease with  you some of the 100 recipes included in the last   chapter of this book!   YUMMMMMMMMMM

 *Blueberry Mango Salsa

 *Holy Guacamole Shrimp Bites

 *Leprechaun Balls

 *Beth's Chicken Chili

 *Italian Wedding Soup   

 * Hawaiian Chicken Cole Slaw *7-UP Salad   *Apricot Bread *Kentucky Biscuits

 * Kentucky Skillet Bread *Tex-Mex Bread   *Cheesy Cornflake Potatoes *Orange Potatoes

 *Apple Beef Pot Roast *Chicken Tinga

 *Joyce's Pork Tenderloin Croissants

 *Kari's Mexican Chicken Lasagna

 *Orange Ham with Sweet Potatoes

 *Sherry's Coffee Marinated Steak

  *Banana Pudding Poke Cake

 * Better Than Robert Redford Dessert

 *Southern Chocolate Coca-Cola Cake

 *Southern Sweet Potato and Apple Cake

There is an entire chapter on my Grandmother's Southern Sassiness - here is an excerpt:


        I could sit near my Grandmother and listen to her pearls of wisdom and sassy       Southern wit for hours. But sometimes I'd get bored, and when that happened     Grandmother told me stories (I think she probably made them up as she went along,       because I don't remember ever hearing the same story twice.) She also loved to repeat      riddles and keep me guessing. For instance, here is one of my favorites:

  Up on the hill there is a green house. Inside the green house is a white house.

Inside the white house is a red house. Inside the red house there is a whole bunch of little black and white kids. What is the name of the house?

                        ( ... you must read the book to find the answer! )

I am extremely excited to bring to you "Your Crown Slips So What Sparkle On!"

What an adventure it was to breathe life into the pages of this journey.

I pray you laugh until your tummy hurts and praise with your head held high!

Here is an excerpt:​

   We have all heard the saying "when you are at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on" - but sometimes God says, "let go of the rope".   What? Let go? Really Lord? Why? We might answer "Surely I am not hearing you correctly Lord. Did you really say 'let go of the rope'?"

 Once we let go, God can then show up and show off in our life. He will do what only He can do! 

 As a parent and grandparent, I have this very strong human desire to be in control and be the fixer. This tendency really places a heap of   stress on me, both mentally and emotionally, which then turns into physical stress. 

 But guess what? All the scenarios that run through my mind, (scenarios I worry about when I cannot fix everything), find their way to   torment  me. Draining me and robbing me of my strength and joy. I find myself feeling defeated, overwhelmed and sad.  I take my eyes off   Jesus and I refuse to let go of the rope.

 I am determined to focus on the rope. I hold on to it, telling myself I MUST carry this. I MUST hold on to the rope. 

 I tell myself if I don't hold on to the rope and continue to carry this  heavy load, then I am failing.

 But you see my friend, therein is the lie of the enemy. The enemy of our soul knows when we come to the end of our rope and we let go and let   God handle the situation, surrendering everything, he is defeated. He can not torment us anymore. 

 When we let go of the rope and allow God to step in and remove the heavy load from us, He turns the battle into blessing.